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How To Keep Your Home Safe With Domestic Security Systems

How To Keep Your Home Safe With Domestic Security Systems scaled | Metro Security - Romford Security Services

There is a certain school of thought that many of us ought to feel somewhat safer in our homes in 2022 than would have been the case in years past. Indeed, data published on the Statista website indicates that since 2002, there has been a trend of gradual falls in the numbers of police-recorded burglary offences in England and Wales, reaching just 267,931 in 2020/21. That compares to the whopping 890,099 seen for the 2002/03 period.

So, do findings like the above mean we can all simply sit back, feeling reassured that our homes are very safe these days?
Well, no.

For one thing, even just a single burglary is one burglary too many, and according to data shared by the Review42 website, a burglary continues to take place every 106 seconds in the UK. The favourable data above also doesn’t account for other potential risks to your safety in your abode, such as fire, or for the fact that some parts of the country can present a greater chance of adverse security incidents than others.

So, the chances are that you will still appreciate some advice on how to stay as safe as possible in your home, particularly given the risks that can occur through a resident’s complacency. Here are some tips – both large and small – that will help you. Even the smallest things can make a big difference to home safety. Although there are certainly some very sound larger investments that can be made to help boost home security, it is also crucial to make sure you have all the most suitable smaller measures in place. Those will include for when you are both inside and outside the home.

Do you really need to think about home safety when you are inside the house? Well, yes – as also cited by Review42, 64.1% of burglaries occur when someone is in the given property. So, as advised by the Victim Support charity, you should make sure you always have your door locked when you are at home, not just when you are away, to deter opportunists. And make sure no valuables can be seen by anyone who may have the chance to peer into your property.

As for when you aren’t at home, it might be a good idea to arrange for Royal Mail’s Keepsafe service to keep your mail in its own secure premises during your next holiday or business trip, and then only post it once you are back home. And be careful about what you are saying on social media, too – you may provide would-be intruders with information indicating that you aren’t presently at home.

What About More Sophisticated Domestic Security Systems? This is where we get to our own area of specialism here at Metro Security! And it’s so easy to imagine these days that if you have the most rudimentary burglar alarm and/or smoke detector in place in your property, you’re more-or-less covered in terms of making your home safe.

But the world of domestic security systems has also moved on a lot in a few short years. Just look at the kind of intruder alarm system you can now buy – solutions exist that allow for full monitoring with a police response if needed, and that can incorporate ‘real-time’ video feeds. Many systems also offer scope to remotely control aspects of the property such as the lighting, even when you might be located at the other side of the world.

Even closed-circuit television (CCTV) – which might have previously been seen as ‘solely’ a feature of commercial properties – has been used more commonly at domestic premises in recent years, and has never been more advanced or so easy to use. And that’s before we account for fire alarm systems, which we can provide to you in accordance with the most tailored requirements.

For a more detailed discussion of your needs and expectations when it comes to keeping your home as safe as possible in 2022, please don’t wait any longer to get in touch with Metro Security. The most appropriate safety and security measures in a residential property can be (quite literal) lifesavers – and our team can advise you on which ones would best suit you and your household.

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