Technology is the key to security, staff wellbeing and protecting your bottom line.

We have technology to help with all aspects of your business and turning them grudge buys into something useful.

Intruder alarms

Providing security for your home or business with a wide range our technology no matter how big or small.

  • Wired Alarm
  • Wireless systems
  • Police response
cctv and video ai

CCTV is now cost effective for all sectors ranging from small homes to large distribution warehouses.

  • Video AI, ANPR, Facial recognition, intrusion detection
  • Epos linked systems recording transaction data
  • Bespoke systems which can be integrated into live data
Access Control Systems

Access control has advanced passed just using a pin number.

  • Biometrics (Facial recognition, fingerprint)
  • Access cards, Mobile device recognition
  • ANPR barrier control
Fire Detecion and suppression
Remote Guarding
face recognition
People Counting
Temprature Screening

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