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Unmanned petrol station forecourt monitoring solutions (pay at pump)

M.A.R.S unmanned petrol station monitoring solutions (pay at pump)

Fuel thefts up by 79% and home break-ins are up by 34% in cost of living crisis
  • M.A.R.S is the solution for petrol station owners/managers operating on tight margins and want to increases security, operational efficiency and raises revenues on the forecourt.
  • It’s not just unmanned, M.A.R.S also is available for manned petrol station forecourts.
  • M.A.R.S enables staffing and building costs to be eliminated by allowing unmanned forecourts to trade using alternative round-the-clock site monitoring and remote customer interaction.
  • The M.A.R.S unmanned forecourt solution is used by forecourt operators including Certas Energy, Harvest Energy and Great Gas Petroleum in Ireland.
  • From an independent petrol station owner to multisite national forecourt operators, can all benefit from M.A.R.S remote fuelling solution.
  • Developed in-house by Metro Security’s R&D engineers, the ground breaking M.A.R.S system is continually being enhanced and expanded to address evolving forecourt requirements.
  • The multi-functional M.A.R.S solution easily and cost-effectively integrates with any forecourt site’s existing hardware and software systems.

If your petrol station forecourt is operating on tight margins, try using the award-winning M.A.R.S system to maximise your returns, improve site efficiency and successfully tackle losses including motorist drive-off fuel thefts

The key benefits

Safety first

  • Shut power down on site or simply stop the dispense of fuel to a pump.
  • Removing the need for lone workers required to work overnight.
  • Emergency equipment cabinet monitoring – alerts when opened.
  • PA response.
  • Emergency phone answering, for both customer care and customer emergency.
  • Link the system to your intruder alarm for additional safety.

Detecting unusual activity on your petrol station forecourt using the power of AI

  • Individuals entering the forecourt without a vehicle.
  • Vehicles that have parked suspiciously at the pumps for a long period of time.
  • Hidden number plates.
  • VOI (vehicle of interest monitoring).
  • Fraudulent use detection, e.g. if someone is trying multiple bank cards without fuelling a vehicle.
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Multiple setup solutions

  • Every transaction is visually verified by a remote operator before fuel is dispensed at your petrol station.
  • Forecourt monitored by AI (ANPR/video analytics).

Switch between manned and unmanned modes giving you the freedom to change operational hours

Reduce forecourt running costs

How it works

remote authorisation monitoring | Metro Security - Romford Security Services
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remote visual monitoring | Metro Security - Romford Security Services
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Initial trials at Ron Perry & Co’s A19 service stations near Hartlepool, in September 2012, proved the advantages of Metro Security’s integrated solutions and led to the full scale development of Metro’s range of fuel sector solutions.
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A range of benefits are being realised by George Hammond plc, using Metro Security’s integrated technology at the company’s Deal Services forecourt site in Kent.
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Certas Energy has already deployed M.A.R.S at 40 of its unmanned forecourt sites, in conjunction with 24/7 remote monitoring provided by Metro Security
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