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Award-winning loss prevention analytics – with a difference

The Queen’s award-winning M.A.R.S system cost-effectively combines retail loss prevention with site efficiency gains and added-value features, simultaneously tackling in-store losses and boosting revenues

ANPR/vehicle flow control

M.A.R.S’ integrated, cutting-edge Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system. This software prevents fuel thieves from refilling at your forecourt without paying first. The M.A.R.S system can integrate your store’s Epos and Fuel Point-of-sale systems and link them with CCTV camera recordings. This allows you to locate a specific number plate.

This enables easy tagging of a vehicle number plate as a forecourt ‘drive-off’. This allows you to be automatically warned via pop-up notifications when the vehicle enters your forecourt. From here, you can insist on pre-payment before dispensing.

Data can be shared quickly and easily across multiple sites, including with online crime prevention initiatives. With this retail loss prevention analytics, you can improve the daily operation of your business and ensure the safety of your staff.

Facial recognition

M.A.R.S uses its own facial recognition software, created by Metro Security’s R&D team, for affordable and practical advantages. This includes on-site loss prevention, operational management gains and marketing opportunities to boost profitability. With retail data analytics solutions businesses can ensure they are operating efficiently whilst ensuring maximum protection for customers and employees.

The system’s facial recognition technology offers a valuable new tool. It can be used to solve a specific problem on one site or expanded to multiple locations for greater advantages. At the heart of this technology lies the use of sophisticated analytical software.

Thermal screening

Introduced in 2020, following the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, M.A.R.S’ thermal screening module provides immediately available, easy-to-install and effective detection of arriving employees. This is ideal for contractors and visitors at the entrance point to any facility. The module’s technology can be used to detect flu and other serious health conditions in the long term. With the M.A.R.S module checking each arriving person using face detection thermal software linked to skin temperature.

People counting

M.A.R.S has a people counting module that helps with retail occupancy and customer distancing, along with its thermal screening system. This aids in providing accurate entry/exit control over a store’s real-time occupancy level. Cost-effective, easily deployed and reconfigured, this reliable technology also helps pay for itself by enabling retailers to minimise the staff required to physically monitor store entrances. In addition, it eliminates the need to manually count the number of customers coming in and exiting.

Data reporting

The multi-functional M.A.R.S retail software system provides a host of real-time data reporting functionality through its cross-platform interfaces. With a store(s)’ EPOS till points, tagging devices and CCTV surveillance cameras.

The till data from sales transactions is stored as usable data within the system, unlike other systems. It is not just added to video footage. This means it can be used for real-time notifications as well as quick and easy post-event searches, without the time-consuming need to trawl through hours of recordings to find the relevant information.

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Real-time threat alert

The M.A.R.S system’s Real-Time Threat Alert module warns retailers, like supermarkets and service stations, about thieves. It shows how the system can be used in real-life situations.

Using geofence location technology to set virtual boundaries around a specific location, this module enables retailers to both monitor individual sites and instantly alert other company sites in and around the same area, which may also be vulnerable to attack.

EPOS & CCTV integration

The ‘back office’ integration between the M.A.R.S software and electronic point-of-sale systems (EPOS) provides automatic pairing of CCTV images/video clips with the relevant transaction. This also provides relevant audio and with till data overlaid onto the surveillance footage to significantly enhance existing analytic capabilities.

For the system user, in practice, this means they can swiftly search for specific transactions and avoid lengthy, time-consuming loss prevention investigations. From here audits can be pulled by providing quick and easy data retrieval using straightforward search parameters.

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Metro Security, Fire & Monitoring Solutions

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