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M.A.R.S monitoring solutions for fuel sector operators

Forecourt service stations operating on tight margins can use the award-winning M.A.R.S system to maximise their returns, improve site efficiency and successfully tackle losses including motorist drive-off fuel thefts

How it works

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M.A.R.S enables forecourt managers to tackle thefts and other losses, improve health and safety procedures, generate revenue increases through added-value applications, and monitor site operations – including via remote management tools.

The innovative M.A.R.S system cost-effectively combats a range of forecourt losses including ‘shrinkage’, theft, fraud and non-payment-for-fuel motorist drive-offs, which annually cost an average of up to £1680 per site (two-thirds of all forecourt crime).

The use of static and dynamic ANPR can be used to compile vehicle blacklist directories, providing automatic warnings to staff if the same vehicle returns to the site and allowing centralised intelligence schemes sharing such data to be alerted (e.g. the National Business Crime Solution and the British Oil Security Syndicate).

M.A.R.S improves forecourt site security, maximises loss prevention, assists operational management, helps train staff, improves marketing opportunities and boosts revenues.

The M.A.R.S system’s added-value features include customer relationship management (CRM) functionality to monitor/analyse customers’ buying habits and combine this with pump-mounted and in-shop target advertising – enabling forecourt operators to tailor their selection of goods.

M.A.R.S’ marketing-generated opportunities include customer care and loyalty generation/rewards, ranging from simple ‘Welcome back’ messages to arriving motorists through to more advanced alerts to staff reminding them that the customer’s birthday is imminent.

M.A.R.S’ data gathering and analysis allows optimization of store configuration, improves stock management, and allows staff training to help generate increased profit from faster selling and higher margin items.

M.A.R.S can be used by all types and sizes of forecourt sector sites, with the option of remote monitoring and management – including via PC, tablet or smartphone.

Operated in conjunction with Metro Security’s 24/7 monitoring centre, M.A.R.S applications include remote authorization of fuel for motorists using unmanned sites, as well as the monitoring of re-fuelling by commercial vehicle operators and associated health & safety checks to ensure compliance with relevant legislation.


The tokheim eye is a M.A.R.S variant especially designed to fully integrate with the tokheim fuel controller and tokheim epos

Initial trials at Ron Perry & Co’s A19 service stations near Hartlepool, in September 2012, proved the advantages of Metro Security’s integrated solutions and led to the full scale development of Metro’s range of fuel sector solutions.

A range of benefits are being realised by George Hammond plc, using Metro Security’s integrated technology at the company’s Deal Services forecourt site in Kent.

Certas Energy has already deployed M.A.R.S at 40 of its unmanned forecourt sites, in conjunction with 24/7 remote monitoring provided by Metro Security.

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