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Security system maintenance services

Whichever systems you use, regular security maintenance is vital for making sure your systems are in full working order

Systems are maintained six monthly or annually depending on the system and requirements.

Our dedicated service department will ensure your systems are maintained and serviced when needed, keeping you compliant and taking the stress of remembering away from you.

We’re also there for you 24 hours a day with our own Control Room service team, as well as on the road engineers. Whether it’s technical support, maintenance, or changes to the way the system is used, we are here to support you.

Mainteance options avaliable for intruder alarms, fire systems, cctv and access control

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Intruder alarm maintenance

Intruder alarms should be regularly serviced to check for a wide range of different operations.

  • Detection devices are working correctly.
  • All signals are being sent and received correctly by the alarm receiving station.
  • Batteries and power supplies are measured for operation and efficiency.

CCTV maintenance

As a security installer and maintenance company, we find on contract takeovers the CCTV is regularly forgotten about with various issues.

  • Offline cameras that haven’t been recording for long periods.
  • Dirt cameras, giving very poor visuals for when evidence is required.
  • DVR/NVR isn’t storing the footage for the required length of time.
  • DVR/NVR is powered off or is faulty.

The list goes on, and here at Metro we will make sure that these problems are never a problem.

Regular maintenance on your CCTV is just as important as regular maintenance on your intruder and fire systems.

Fire alarm maintenance

Metro security are BAFE registered, giving you the knowledge that we can personally maintain your fire alarm systems.

Your fire alarm system has been installed not only to protect you’re building, but also to protect your staff and visitors.

Without regular servicing, not only would it be breaking your legal obligation to make sure the system is 100% opertaional but it may fail when you need it the most.

We can provide you with routine bi-annual alarm testing & servicing and offer an emergency 24-hour response call-out service.

Access control maintenance

As with any electrical security system, door access control requires ongoing maintenance and annual checks to ensure the system is in good working order.

It is always more cost-effective to maintain the system regularly then it is to let it full into disrepair.

Regular maintenance also reduces the risk of a faulty part not operating correctly at the time when you need it. Maintenance is always key for:

  • Locks
  • Biometric readers

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