Control room

24 Hour Monitoring and 24 hour technical control room

Service overview

  • Metros 43+ years’ – experience within the security industry is passed onto our monitoring and technical team, who are on hand 24/7 within our inhouse Control room.
  • Trained staff SIA and forecourt certified training
  • Remote fuel dispensing remote control of the pumps and power for unmanned forecourt monitoring
  • Remote perimeter and AI using the power of AI to reduce guarding costs as well as giving eyes everywhere.
  • 3rd party system – monitoring, such as Server room temperature alerting
  • Technical Monitoring – for CCTV, including disk errors, offline systems, offline cameras.
  • Forecourt customer service – providing customer care for our customers, customers.
  • Remote code management – keeping all your intruder alarms and door access control system are kept up to date with the current user requirement.

“Monitoring that also provides technical support to prevent system downtime while you are having personal downtime”

How We Work

  • Staff are forecourt and fuel trained as well as SIA
  • All are staff provide the personal touch and deal with every situation from start to finish.
  • We act on your require response plan.
  • We the perfectly designed system it is complimented by are monitoring and technical team.

The Technology

  • Our monitoring station is also designed and built in house, which provides us the ability to monitor standard off the shelf systems in a more advanced manor then the standard industry monitoring suits.
  • Alerting for Video AI, 3rd part equipment such as fridges and server room temperatures.
  • Technical data is feed “REAL TIME” into our control room allowing our technical team to react to any system faults prior to it becoming catastrophe to system operations.
  • Unmanned forecourt monitoring with full pump control.
  • The ability to relay Live Data into your own security control centre (SOC)
  • With integration into intruder alarm panels, our control room team are also able to provide a code management system, making sure your systems are always up to date for whom should have access.
  • When it comes to your intruder alarms, CCTV and even access control our technical teams are on hand 24/7, paired with dial in remote support this will reduce staff time lost waiting for engineers for out of hours faults, demonstrations on how systems work.

“high staff retention and high customer retention, can only mean one thing, you are in good hands”

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