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Out-of-hours real-time site monitoring, event detection investigation , incident confirmation and instant response are all part of Metro Security’s cost-effective remote guarding services.

Offering a far cheaper, efficient and effective alternative to manned guarding of sites ranging from office developments, stores, and distribution centres, through to warehouses, transport facilities and industrial plants, our remote guarding services also include electronic visitor management.

Metro Security’s advanced solutions are independently NSI gold-accredited. These certified services can connect commercial burglar alarm monitoring with other security systems, making them ideal for your business.

Also, integrating equipment with other building management systems can save energy and improve site efficiency, paying for itself.

Eyes and ears patrols

Metro’s dedicated 24/7 monitoring centre uses technologies including surveillance cameras, on-site audio systems, number plate ANPR, motion detection equipment and biometric facial recognition systems to remotely respond to any incidents. These are automatically flagged up to operators, whose actions can then include checking the authenticity of any alerts, verifying false alarms, verbally warning intruders using IP audio or PA equipment, and summoning keyholder and/or police response if a perimeter breach or site intrusion has been confirmed. These types of electronic safety and security measures also allow site owners and managers to make their own operational checks, remotely, using devices including smartphones, tablets and laptops, via broadband, VPN networks and intranet connections. This technological capability saves them the need for time-consuming visits to each site to deal with any issues arising.

Added-value monitoring

​In addition to ensuring site safety and security, Metro Security’s remote guarding services can provide a variety of added-value assistance. This includes providing remote access for visitors, such as maintenance contractors, and checking their activities while on-site.

Remote visitor management is widely used in warehousing sites, depots and other locations requiring constant access combined with high security. With these systems being linked to CCTV and other interfaces we can check visitors’ credentials, allow them access to designated areas, and track their movements while on site, grant out-of-hours access for deliveries, or even just open doors and vehicle barriers for anyone with approved access rights.

Maintenance checks

Our monitoring centre operators can also oversee critical plant such as freezers, boilers, data centre cooling systems and other electrical systems. metro can design and install advanced critical system monitoring that provides early warnings of possible equipment failure.

We can also respond to alarms triggered by these systems to check these equipment status alerts and provide a rapid failure response if required. This may range from remote equipment resetting to summoning on-site assistance for repairs/equipment (or component) replacement etc. In the meantime, stock affected by a mechanical freezer fault, for example, can be moved before it defrosts and becomes unusable.

Metro Security's monitoring benefits

Metro Security’s dedicated monitoring centre provides clear advantages over other commercial operations, including 24/7 technical assistance, immediate response with primary and secondary lines of response, and in-house engineer tracking – enabling accurate ETAs to be provided in the event of a site visit being required.

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