Security, staff welfare and audit reduction time

  • Metro Security’s – versatile, innovative and multiskilled engineers and consultants can provide a wide range of systems and services.
  • Intruder alarms – protect and secure buildings with both bells and police response.
  • Advanced CCTV – providing AI enhancements for remote perimeter breach warnings, smoke and fire detection, ANPR staff barrier entry, unattended items.
  • Integration to fuel systems – automatic and auditable fuel dispense within your vehicle fleet.
  • Advanced Access control access can be from id cards, biometrics and even face recognition.
  • Fire detection and suppression systems not all damages may be from criminal activity.
  • “PAPS” (Pick and Pack Searching) – system designed for customer support to quickly search for video evidence of an online order being packed.
  • Technology support Metro’s own 24/7 Monitoring and technical control room are on hand to provide phone and dial in support for every part of your system.
  • Bispoke systems – integration design, with our in-house development team we can use data from other sources to provide a unique system that fits all your needs.
  • Bespoke Security – design of onsite security, allowing access to all the resources required for securing your building.

Example Bespoke Systems

“Staff wellbeing, Streamline distribution, while reducing audit times, provide smoother customer support and reduce fraudulent shipping claims”

How We Work

  • Security design and consulting with 40+ years’ experience within the security industry.
  • Project management from start to finish.
  • Using our in-house development team to lease with 3rd party providers for a complete integrated solution.
  • Design to maximise coverage using less equipment for a cost-effective solution.

The Technology

  • Metros multi-award-winning M.A.R.S is the base line for all advanced technology around CCTV and system integration.
  • Using dynamic ANPR, the system can also be linked to barrier controls for staff vehicle entry, it could also be linked to monitor and alert when certain fleet vehicles are on or off site.
  • Linking CCTV into your ordering system for online order packing, PAPS can be used as search tool to find orders to clarify if required items were boxed and distributed.
  • AI and object detection will protect your fence line and protect your key areas.
  • Integration to fire and intruder systems can also provide rapid visual verification on triggered events.
  • Warehouse Fire suppression and fire detection
  • Hybrid CCTV support old analogue as well as the latest in IP technology.
  • Thermal imaging can give early notifications of potential risk of fires and smoke detection, in addition it can also provide thermal imaging perimeter detection in large areas with a lot of foliage.
  • Advanced cameras can provide outstanding image quality, also with the built in active deterrent they can be used as a warning system providing sirens and visual light alerting.

“Implementing the correct design, technology and applying integration will always provide the most effective solution for all your security grudge buys”

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Pick and pack

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