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Metro Security commercial intruder alarms for businesses

Protect your commercial site cost-effectively with a Metro Security-specified intruder alarm

Metro Security has extensive experience and advanced technology. Site owners and managers can protect their staff, premises, stock, and facilities by utilising their technology. This can be done in a cost-effective and efficient manner. From tangible threats including opportunistic break-ins, thefts, vandalism, malicious attacks and arson.

Metro Security’s advanced solutions are independently NSI Gold-accredited. These certified services can connect commercial burglar alarm monitoring with other security systems, making them ideal for your business.

Also, integrating equipment with other building management systems can save energy and improve site efficiency, paying for itself.

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How an intruder alarm system protects your premises

Metro Security’s NSI gold-level certificated business intruder alarm systems provide centrally monitored, detector-activated alarm equipment. We design these commercial burglar alarm systems to meet your site’s specific requirements. We will conduct a risk assessment survey that also ensures localised issues are addressed.

Equipment specifications can include site sounders for deterrent purposes, while the alarm system can be interfaced with appropriate security lighting. In addition, we can provide proximity-based access control door entry, physical security measures and closed circuit (CCTV) cameras. These office intruder alarms can be used to assist with site monitoring, verification and evidential quality images for potential prosecution.

Metro Security’s operators in the control room work around the clock. They communicate with chosen keyholders and follow steps to confirm alarms, preventing false alarms and ensuring police response. We ensure this is done to comply with the police security systems policy in England, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland. Metro’s NSI Gold accreditation also ensures that installed systems meet the necessary standards required under the same policy.

Site intrusion can have long-term effects on staff morale, in addition to causing disruption, costs, and insurance implications. While providing active protection against intrusion attempts, Metro’s intruder systems additionally act as a warning deterrence to others.

Which types of site can benefit?​

​A wide range of commercial offices, operational premises and other trading facilities can be protected by intruder systems. It provides safety for not only employees but also visitors and on-site contractors.

These systems protect various types of buildings and their contents. This includes commercial stock and IT equipment. These items are crucial for the operation of businesses.

​Added-value attractions

Modern security systems can be combined with building management systems to offer additional site management features, monitoring, reporting, and cost savings. Advantages of proximity control include using less energy for heat, light, and power. This is achieved by giving designated staff access to specific areas after hours.

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