Around The Clock Monitoring With the Metro Security 24 Hour alarm monitoring service

Metro Security offers a comprehensive range of advanced in-house monitoring services, catering to various activities in the commercial sector. These services are designed to enhance security and operational efficiency for businesses. Some of the key areas covered by Metro Security’s 24/7 monitoring services include:

  1. Site Visitor Management: Metro Security’s 24 hour monitoring services assist in managing and tracking site visitors. This can be crucial for businesses to ensure that only authorised personnel gain access to their premises, enhancing security.
  2. Critical Plant Checks: For industries that rely on critical machinery, Metro Security’s 24 hour monitoring service can include routine checks. This is to ensure the proper functioning and security of vital plant equipment.
  3. Intruder Alarm System Activations: A prompt response to intruder alarms is essential for preventing theft and vandalism. Metro Security’s 24 hour alarm monitoring service ensures that alarms are verified and responded to swiftly.
  4. Retail Site Operations: Retail businesses benefit from monitoring services that can help manage day-to-day operations. This includes monitoring foot traffic, ensuring a safe shopping environment, and optimizing the use of resources.
  5. Forecourt Fuel Facilities for Motorists: For businesses with fuel facilities, monitoring helps manage every aspect of the business. This can include fuel dispensers, prevent unauthorised access, and ensure a smooth experience for motorists.
  6. Remote Bus/Coach/Lorry Re-fuelling Activities: Remote monitoring of fueling activities for transportation companies can help control costs. They can also ensure security, and optimise refuelling processes.
  7. Remote Guarding and On-Site Surveillance: Metro Security’s on-site surveillance includes camera safety and security checks. This minimizes the need for costly on-the-ground manned response unless a situation necessitates immediate intervention.

Dedicated control centre

Metro Security operates a dedicated 24-hour operational control room staffed with trained operators. These operators provide a wide range of services, including:

  1. Alarm Confirmation and Response Coordination: Swift response to alarms is essential for security. Metro Security’s operators confirm alarms and coordinate appropriate responses, ensuring minimal disruption.
  2. Remote Authorisation for Requests: Operators can provide remote authorisation for requests such as commercial vehicle fueling at unmanned sites. This is ideal as it aids in making operations more efficient and secure.
  3. Retail Analytics Data Analysis: Metro Security’s 24 hour monitoring service operators analyse retail analytics data in real-time. This is to help stores with transactions and operational issues. This then allows businesses to make informed decisions to improve their operations.
  4. Technical Help: Friendly and knowledgeable operators are available round-the-clock to provide technical assistance. They work closely with Metro’s field engineers to ensure that equipment is well-maintained, minimising downtime and ensuring optimal performance.

Remote capabilities

Metro Security’s monitoring centre operators have the ability to remotely access and diagnose equipment. This can include alarm panels and CCTV surveillance cameras. This feature allows for:

  1. Remote Diagnosis and Software Updates: Operators can remotely diagnose issues and apply software updates without having to come out to you. This capability helps reduce operational costs and prevents prolonged system downtime.

Metro Security’s 24/7 monitoring services improve security, and operations, and save money for businesses in the commercial sector. Metro Security’s control centre and remote capabilities enable quick and effective responses to problems. This makes them a valuable partner in protecting and improving business operations.

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