24/7 Monitoring Services

Metro Security’s expanding range of advanced in-house monitoring services now cover commercial sector activities including…

  • Site visitor management
  • Critical plant checks
  • Intruder alarm system activations
  • Retail site operations
  • Forecourt fuel facilities for motorists
  • Remote bus/coach/lorry re-fuelling activities
  • Remote guarding on-site surveillance camera safety and security checks – meaning costly on-the-ground manned response is not required unless necessary to deal with any incident.

Dedicated control centre

Metro’s monitoring service operators work out of the company’s dedicated 24-hour operational control room, providing services including alarm confirmation and response coordination, remote authorization for requests such as commercial vehicle fuel at unmanned sites, and analysis of retail analytics data to assist stores with a variety of transactions and operational issues encountered each day.

Our friendly and knowledgeable operators are also available to provide all Metro Security customers with round-the-clock technical help, liaising in conjunction with Metro’s field engineers to help ensure that equipment is kept running, maintenance visits are scheduled and completed appropriately, any necessary systems downtime is minimized, and that all equipment is functioning optimally.

Remote capabilities

Metro’s monitoring centre operators can also ‘dial in’ to make diagnostic checks on equipment such as alarm panels and CCTV surveillance cameras, enabling remote diagnosis and software updates to be completed without needing an engineer to visit the site. This capability helps minimise running costs and prevents system downtime pending an engineer’s visit to fix an operational problem.