Unmanned Forecourt Fraud Prevented:
Metro Security 2 – Criminal activity – 0

Going that extra mile to remove criminal activity from our roads and protecting unmanned forecourts.

Unmanned forecourt monitoring has its challenges. Having forecourt Health and safety as its primary purpose but also including customer care to the site’s customers and criminal activity prevention.

Once again praise to our monitoring team (Special praise to Samual Benstead) in the prevention and the apprehension of prolific offenders, who think that because there are no staff on a forecourt that they can get away with fraudulent activity. Last night 2 suspects were detected and reported to West Midlands police. Both suspects have been detained and the vehicle has been seized and towed by the police.

Working in partnership with Certas Energy, TSG UK and ADDER Digital Technology Ltd to provide a true integrated monitored solution across the self-service forecourt network.

Using Technology including ANPR (VOI), AI video analytics and integrated pump control paired with reliable and trained staff, Metro is providing these services to keep the forecourt safe for customers while working with local police forces at the time of incidents to clean up the roads.

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Stay tuned for our full article around “the challenges and solutions to forecourt monitoring”.