Project Management


  • Microsoft Project: Helps plan, track, and manage tasks and resources.
  • Gantt chart: Visual representation of project tasks and timelines.
  • Project risk register: Document and analise potential project risks.
  • Reporting: Microsoft 365 Projects provides live commentary to clients and management
  • Task: Define the tasks and subtasks
  • Resources: Allocate and track resource usage
  • Budgets: Track costs and revenue
  • Milestone: Set critical dates for completion of commencement of tasks
  • Project task tracking: Track the project/tasks progress against the project baseline
  • Project Risk Register: Identify potential project risks, provide risks severity and probability if the risk occurs


How We Work

  • We work closely with the project board/sponsor
  • We believe good communication is paramount for a successful project
  • Project risks are identified from project commencement through to project completion
  • Each risk is giving a rating from the project risk matrix identifying severity and probability
  • All projects follow CDM regulations
  • Tasks, resources and budgets are tracked daily and shared through Microsoft 365
  • Produce working and as fitted CAD drawings including schematics
  • Provide system commissioning and hand over
  • Complete concise O&M manuals
  • Lessons learnt documented information that reflects both the positive and negative experiences of a project


  • Initiation:
    • Define the project scope, objectives, and deliverables.
    • Identify stakeholders and their expectations.
    • Develop a business case and feasibility analysis.


    • Create a project plan outlining tasks, timelines, and resources.
    • Define roles and responsibilities.
    • Develop a risk management plan.
    • Set up a communication plan.
    • Allocate budget and resources.
    • Establish project milestones and deliverables.


    • Implement the project plan.
    • Coordinate people and resources.
    • Manage stakeholder expectations.
    • Conduct regular status meetings.
    • Ensure quality control.
    • Address issues and risks as they arise.

    Monitoring and Controlling:

    • Track project performance against the plan.
    • Manage changes to the project scope.
    • Address and resolve issues.
    • Perform risk management.
    • Ensure that project objectives are met.


    • Ensure all project deliverables are completed.
    • Obtain customer or stakeholder acceptance.
    • Conduct a project review and document lessons learned.
    • Release project resources.
    • Close contracts and agreements.


Gantt Chart

project timeline

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