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Harnessing the Power of Retail

Here at Metro Security (GB) PLC we have used our expertise to produce new products which harness the power of Retail Security using advanced level analytics.

M.A.R.S metro analytic retail solution | Metro Security - Romford Security Services
Tokheim Eye - unmanned forecourt security services | Metro Security - Romford Security Services
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Metro Analytical Retail Solution.

Award Winning Loss prevention analytics with a difference

MARS is an all in one solution for linking all your sites physical and data security with your CCTV.
As an example of the benefits just by linking your epos system into our M.A.R.S platform (epos integration) it can help reduce transaction overheads and eliminate leakage by tagging suspect transactions and providing CCTV evidence.

​Retail environments have always been a target for internal fraud and public theft, many retail groups spend a lot of money and employees time to tackle it. With a Metros integrated epos and CCTV system we can increase your retail security and help raise your bottom line. With advanced Mega-pixel cameras, HD microphone and digital video walls, we are now able to supply a solution that will not only record your customers and staff but at the same time collect vital information from your Epos system or your till POS and tie it all together to help reduce fraudulent transactions, fraudulent refunds, sweet hearting, staff shrinkages and still saving you time.

We have our own UK based development team which has spent many years “thinking outside the box” while working alongside retail chains and Adder Digital Technology (a world leader in CCTV and data analytics) to bring you this all in one solution to suit your needs now but with the ability to expand as you do.

    • Shops, restaurants, bars, night clubs, hotels, service stations
    • Multi-Site linking
    • Link the system into you intruder alarm reports for a full over view of the store
    • See the trend in related theft
    • Save time on monitoring key areas
    • Use analytics for fast pinpointing of potential staff problems
    • Monitor live cameras from multiple sites at once from one screen (digital video wall technology)
    • Auto evidence transfer to head office

You can download a full M.A.R.S overview document by clicking, This will show you all the different kinds of integration that is possible, ranging from ANPR, Face Recognition, Temperature monitoring and site occupancy levels, just to name a few.

Download the M.A.R.S overview
MARS - Epos Integration
M.A.R.S. Local Viewer
CCTV and integrated Epos reporting (data mining)

Tokheim EYE (A M.A.R.S Module Add-on)

Service Station Fuel Loss Management

Tokheim EYE, Is another module of the M.A.R.S platform that has been created in partnership with Tokheim fuel solutions. This module offers customers a high-definition CCTV platform developed specifically for the service station environment. The cost-effective system will connect cameras, dispensers and EPOS across the forecourt and within the shop.

As a UK reseller and sister developer of Tokheim eye, we are pleased to say it has now gone global, Thanks to a lot of development and integration it is now another powerful tool to add to the collection. Tokheim eye brings together their fuel pump system, retail POS, ANPR and the CCTV into a unique package, giving the operator the power to help cut back on forecourt losses as well as giving a multi-site reporting system from a central location.

Tokheim EYE is packed with innovative new features such as ‘drag and drop’ media screens, images of motorists fuelling displayed on the till, advanced warning systems plus automatic number plate recognition (ANPR). A smartphone app is also available so customers can track what’s happening on their site while they are on the move.

Tokheim EYE has successfully been installed across a number of sites in Germany, Croatia, the UK and Ireland. If you require any information before then please contact us.

Tokheim EYE Introduction
The Customer's View