Metro Security’s expanding and innovative range of forecourt fuel site solutions has already enabled clients including Shell, Certas Energy, Harvest Energy, Great Gas Petroleum in Ireland, George Hammond plc and Ron Perry & Co to tackle a variety of bottom-line revenue losses, whilst simultaneously introducing tangible added-value functionality to improve their sites’ operational efficiency and boost revenue.

These exciting new opportunities involve manned, as well as unmanned sites, using site control handled remotely through Metro’s in-house 24/7control room. Application examples include remote authorization of fuel for motorists using unmanned sites, as well as the monitoring of re-fuelling by commercial vehicle operators and associated health & safety checks to ensure compliance with relevant legislation.

By partnering with providers of pump delivery equipment used by both motorists and commercial fuel customers, Metro Security has developed technology interfaces using its digital CCTV cameras (both externally, on the forecourt, and internally within the store environment) in conjunction with automatic number plate recognition (ANPR), Epos (electronic point of sale) till units and cost-effective, reliable facial detection measures.

Tangible results range from eliminated site staffing costs at unmanned forecourts, and tackling drive-off (non payment for fuel) thefts, which annually cost an average £1025 per site (source: British Oil Security Syndicate crime index).

Initial trials at Ron Perry & Co’s A19 service stations near Hartlepool, in September 2012, proved the advantages of Metro Security’s integrated solutions and led to the full scale development of Metro’s range of fuel sector solutions.
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A range of benefits are being realised by George Hammond plc, using Metro Security’s integrated technology at the company’s Deal Services forecourt site in Kent.
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Certas Energy has already deployed M.A.R.S at 40 of its unmanned forecourt sites, in conjunction with 24/7 remote monitoring provided by Metro Security
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