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CCTV Solutions

  • NSI Gold – Metro Security are UKAS accredited NSI (National Security Inspectorate) Gold certified for: CCTV Surveillance Systems (design, installation and maintenance); Intruder Detection and Hold Up Alarms; Access Control; and Fire Detection and Alarms, with all specifications being written and audited to NSI Gold-relevant standards.
  • DORI Standard – All Metro Security’s CCTV systems are designed using the DORI (Detection, Observation, Recognition and Identification) an international standard used for determining how far a camera is able to see an object with different levels of accuracy.
  • 180⁰ Cameras – wide-angle lens capable of capturing a horizontal field of view of 180 degrees, suitable for monitoring large open spaces. 180-degree cameras can significantly reduce or eliminate blind spots, allowing for more comprehensive surveillance coverage.
  • PTZ & 180⁰ Cameras all in one – these cameras provide a wide angled view and a zoomed image simultaneously, allowing 100% situational awareness of the surrounding area whilst zooming in to the target.
  • Active Deterrent Cameras – provide real-time alerts, warnings, or interventions, two way audio, flashings lights, sirens, these features are designed to not only capture evidence but also actively discourage criminal activities in real-time.
  • 24-Hour Remote CCTV Monitoring Station – as part of Metro Security’s SOC we can monitor and manage any of our systems from anywhere in the world.
  • 24-Hour CCTV Technical Monitoring – Metro Security’s SOC use our Caretaker to remotely monitor your CCTV cameras, NVR’s and servers providing pre-emptive fault diagnosis.


100% situational awareness, 100% incident tracking

How We Work

  • Metro Security has attained the highest accreditation in the land.
  • Our engineers are product specific trained
  • We provide a 24 hour technical support center
  • Each designers have over 30 years’ experience
  • In-house R&D team provide unique features to suit every eventuality
  • Metro Security’s unique SOC provide 24 hour technical support


  • Metro Security’s custom-built VMS/NVR
  • DORI standard design
  • CAD drawings providing field of view and target resolution.
  • 24-hour Remote diagnostics
  • 24- Hour technical support
  • 24- Hour call-out
  • 24-hour technical monitoring
  • National call out response.
  • Systems Integration –CCTV systems integration with Access Control Systems, Intruder Detection Systems and Perimeter Intruder Detection Systems.
  • System Apps – Control, monitor and receive push alerts from your CCTV remotely, anywhere in the world.
  • Facial Recognition Cameras


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