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Business & Product innovation award winner | Metro Security - Romford Security Services

Following Metro Security’s success in winning the London Final of the 2020 Celebrating Small Businesses Awards, organised by the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), it’s been announced that the postponed national finals will now take place on 27 May.

Our Metro Analytic Retail Solution (M.A.R.S) won the London region final in March 2020 and following its success as a regional champion the M.A.R.S system now goes forward to this postponed UK final stage.

M.A.R.S was competing in the London region final against three other companies in the Business & Product Innovation Award category. FSB’s judges were looking for businesses “which either offer a ground-breaking product or service, or that are using an exciting new approach to improve or disrupt a traditional market. This award is where bold, new business models and innovative products delivering dramatic results can shine”.

Developed in-house by Metro Security, and winning a 2019 Queen’s Award (in the Innovation category), M.A.R.S is a software analytics-based system that combines significant loss prevention capabilities along with a range of complementary retail management, operational, marketing and staff training tools.

The multi-functional M.A.R.S software analytics system can be easily and cost-effectively integrated with any retailer’s existing hardware and software. It provides retailers of all types, sizes and numbers of stores with an effective and – importantly – a cost-efficient, value-added way to improve their increasingly pressured bottom-line profitability.

In today’s online era the retail environment for physical stores is an intensifying challenge. Faced with tough trading conditions on the High St, many retailers simply do not have the budgets to pay for systems that address security risks alone. M.A.R.S provides the ideal solution to this dilemma, while also helping to pay for itself through its demonstrable loss prevention capabilities and added-value operational features.

As one example, the M.A.R.S system has enabled High Street retailer Sports Direct to reduce its annual shrinkage losses by 70% and its audit costs by 65%, protecting important bottom-line finances against both customer and staff-related theft in hundreds of stores around the UK and 20 other countries across Europe.

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