Metro Security’s local MP, Julia Lopez, recently visited the company’s Romford HQ, following our success in winning a 2019 Queen’s Award for the Metro Analytic Retail System (M.A.R.S).

Julia met Metro’s MD, Trevor Wallace, who described how M.A.R.S offers a lifeline to Britain’s hard-pressed High Street retailers by tackling fast-rising store crime while simultaneously boosting bottom line returns for store owners and managers through a range of tangible added-value features. These include complementary retail management, operational, marketing and staff training tools.

By effectively tackling loss prevention at one end of the process, while also proving its worth as a net contributor towards turnover, site profitability and operational efficiency, the M.A.R.S system essentially pays for itself.

As MP for Hornchurch and Upminster since 2017, Julia congratulated Trevor and the entire 35-strong Metro team on being awarded their prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the Innovation category. She asked about Metro’s typical customers, these clients’ commercial needs and the solutions Metro provides to meet their requirements. Trevor described how Metro has gained a reputation as a designer of bespoke solutions in the security, fire, retail, education and forecourt fuel sectors, building on the company’s core strengths developed over its 40-year history.

Julia was also keen to find out how the Queen’s Award came about and Trevor explained that the accolade represents the culmination of some 20 years’ technical development. M.A.R.S was developed, entirely in-house, by Metro’s R&D team utilising security equipment including digital CCTV cameras and combining this technology with sophisticated analytical software plus Epos (electronic point of sale) till data and related audio of suspect transactions.