Queen’s Award-winning M.A.R.S system module protects key workers

  • Temperature profiling allows preventative action to help save lives
  • Screen temperature of staff and customers for abnormal body temperatures
  • Set alerts for anyone displaying a body temperature indicating a fever
  • Face recognition of registered staff and visitors, coupled with their body temperature
  • Alarms can then be used to lock entry points to prevent the spread of infection
  • A centralised database for an audit screening process as well as an on-screen temperature monitor
  • Trigger alerts if a registered person’s temperature varies from their normal range
  • Can be displayed in real-time on a local monitor
  • Alerts can be sent to a mobile device (carried by a security guard/member of staff)
  • Compatible with our Central Station software
  • Any “Fever” triggers can be dealt with as with any other alarm


  • Compatible with our Central Station software
  • Any “Fever” triggers can be dealt with as with any other alarm

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“In addition to Metro’s existing Facial Recognition software, our new thermal temperature screening system will check each arriving person’s body temperature. Installing our system will allow thermal temperature screenings of up to 20 people at one time with an outstanding accuracy of + or – 0.3 degrees, giving you the ability to restrict access to anyone indicating a fever, keeping your workforce and customers safe.”

How it works

The temperature screening system uses a combination of facial recognition and thermal imaging cameras. This enables recognition of the person walking in and their simultaneous temperature measurement – all within one second

Temperature screening services create profiles for staff. The profiles allow the system to identify each staff member. The system can then determine the typical temperature range of each staff member.

For example, ‘person A’ typically has a temperature of 36.5 – 37.0°C when entering the building. If someone’s temperature is 37.2°C, they may have a fever and should be checked or sent home. The system therefore can help detect and warn of a virus/fever before even the infected person knows.

If someone has a higher temperature than what the user set, they will be detected when trying to enter. Staff can monitor this on a local screen and or mobile application.

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The Benefits

Our temperature screening system is able to monitor the temperature of all staff/customers/visitors entering the premises. This allows the user to determine whether an individual has an abnormal body temperature. This is important as this is a key symptom indicator for COVID-19 and influenza.

You can customise the activation triggers. When a specific temperature is reached, a notification can be sent to a mobile app.

This allows staff to respond. This is crucial as it allows for immediate action whilst simultaneously notifying the head office. The system can process up to 20 people at once, ensuring no disruption when entering a facility.

Optional central station/head office monitoring across hundreds of different sites, allowing for a central database for reporting and analytics.

The system has an outstanding accuracy of + or – 0.3°C, Which means no false positives.

Temperature checks are important for protecting the health and safety of NHS staff, key workers, and other employees from coronavirus (Covid-19).

Metro has reacted to the global pandemic by developing a new module for its 2019 Queen’s Award-winning M.A.R.S solution. This new temperature screening system provides immediately available, easy-to-install and effective detection making it perfect for any b

Staff can check for high temperatures in people using a screen or app on their device. Up to 20 incoming people can be screened simultaneously.


In addition to Metro’s existing facial recognition techniques, the new M.A.R.S temperature monitoring system can check each arriving person using face detection thermal software. This is linked to skin temperature. This innovative and configurable technology can then raise an alarm if their temperature meets a pre-assigned or abnormal level. This is important as this is a key symptom indicator for Covid-19 and flu (influenza).

These two facial recognition and thermal temperature systems can be used either in conjunction, or stand-alone according to user requirements. For instance, health facilities, public buildings and commercial establishments may only wish to monitor the temperature of those arriving infrequently at their sites.

They can subsequently establish the temperature alarm limit at a standard level. If the temperature goes above a certain level, an alarm will go off. This alarm gives them the chance to take action before the person goes through the entry point.


Facilities such as offices, warehouses and distribution operations, where staff regularly come and go, can combine the two technologies. It can be used to identify people individually using facial recognition and compare their daily temperature to previous readings. This could warn of an elevated facial temperature. Even though it’s still within a safe range, this may indicate a developing condition. This offers the potential to detect coronavirus symptoms even earlier and help save more lives.

Thermal temperature screening of up to 20 people can be carried out at one time making it highly efficient for large businesses. Our system also has an accuracy of + or –0.3 degrees C, ensuring no ‘false positive’ alerts are triggered.

“Public and private sector organisations around the country need to continue their operations, while simultaneously protecting both their own key workers and others potentially exposed to coronavirus,” says Metro Security’s MD, Trevor Wallace.

“In the longer term, as Covid-19 testing measures are rolled out and immunity can be demonstrated, businesses will start to get fully back up and running. At that stage, our M.A.R.S temperature monitoring system will have continued important use, as it can carry on detecting and warning of those potentially affected by not only coronavirus but other health conditions such as influenza. In this way, it will also provide vital protection against any secondary coronavirus outbreaks.”


The system has reliable facial recognition software that works with high-resolution CCTV cameras. These cameras can be quickly deployed and configured to suit varying site entry arrangements.

Also, Metro’s new temperature monitoring technology has alarms that can be set to notify staff immediately on-site. The system can connect to access control devices like turnstiles and door locks. It can automatically close access points if a temperature alarm goes off and stop people from entering until checks are done.


Metro Security (GB) PLC started in 1978, installing fire and security equipment. They expanded to include building management/control and nurse/warden-call systems, along with 24/7 monitoring and response services.

Metro is a certified fire and security provider. We have invested in research and development to improve their digital CCTV technology. They have also connected it with advanced software for data analysis, facial recognition, and automatic number plate recognition. This helps them in various operational, marketing, and management tasks.

These capabilities have led to diversified applications in the education field, retail sector and forecourt service stations market. The company received a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in 2019 for its M.A.R.S system. It also won AI Business Excellence Awards and Retail Systems Awards in 2018.



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