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Cost Saving, Instant Protection & Monitoring

Security cameras, intruder alarms and door access control systems are all front-line protection for your home and business, but all together they can save you money and look after the systems you could never protect.

Our monitored alarm system comes with our 24-hour control room where we are able to monitor all types of systems and react on a response plan. With this high level of security monitoring we can – let visitors into your premises, provide perimeter security using IP Audio mixed with cameras and perimeter detectors which cuts the cost of an onsite guard, we can even monitor your critical systems such as freezers, boilers and electrical systems.

  • Instant Perimeter Protection
  • Audio Challenging
  • Your Own Personal Response Plan
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Perimeter Beams
  • Remote Door Entry
  • Out Of Hours Visitor Management
  • Remote Delivery Authorisation
  • Equipment Status Monitoring
  • Rapid Failure Response
  • Remote Equipment Resetting

Remote Visitor Management

24-hour Visitor operations at reduced running costs without of hours services for visitor entry & staff monitoring

With the advanced facilities of our 24-hour Monitoring Centre, Metro has the ability to not only monitor intruders and perimeter breaches but we can all link to door access control, video entry stations, 2 way VOIP, ANPR and barrier systems giving a great remote visitor management system.

With all these solutions we can securely monitor and take control of these systems giving you increased security but also allowing of out of hours services without the cost of someone being employed to attend site all night long.

Remote visitor management is widely used in warehousing sites, depots and other locations requiring constant access combined with high security. With these sub systems linked to CCTV and other interfaces we can check visitors’ credentials, allow them access to designated areas, and track their movements while on site, grant out of hours delivery’s or even just open door and barriers if someone has approved access rights.

Examples where we have implemented perimeter monitoring and remote visitor management are:

  • ​Plant storage yards using CCTV, automatic gates, PA systems and 2 way VOIP – Drivers arrive in the early hours to collect plant machinery ready for delivery; we can then open security gates and monitor them on site for their own safety. These systems are also linked to our remote perimeter guarding giving a high level of security with easy staff monitoring.
  • Multiple offices on one site, using door access and 2 way VOIP – granting access to approved members of staff during out of normal office hours.

Critical Plant Monitoring System

Monitoring And Protecting Vital Assets. Critical system monitoring, Boilers, freezers, data centre cooling systems.

Working with associate company Adder, Metro can design and install advanced critical system monitoring that can give early warnings of possible equipment failure. This service is widely used in many environments such as hospitals, boiler rooms, utility plants and data centres.

Using advanced interfaces linked to our own 24 hour control centre we can monitor all types of equipment with a rapid response giving you time to act on the situation to help prevent disastrous out comes to a critical system failure.

Below are some of the key areas where this type of critical system and plant monitoring has been effective in saving companies a lot of time, money, prevention of stock loss and system down time:

Freezer protection:  Freezer cooling is monitored so in the event of a mechanical failure stock can be moved or the system repaired before it defrosts and becomes unusable.

Data centres:  Monitoring room temperature, when the given tolerance levels are reached are trained staff then follow your response plan. This can help prevent down time and major hardware damage.

Hospital boiler rooms:  Making sure the large boiler system doesn’t get below its tolerance levels and making sure key areas don’t drop below certain temperatures.

  • Critical Plant Monitoring
  • Equipment Status Monitoring
  • Rapid Failure Response
  • Remote Equipment Resetting

Perimeter Security

Improved security, reduced costs. Eyes everywhere from one location.

Owners and operators of large facilities, such as major office developments, warehouses and industrial or transportation sites, need the reassurance of early intruder detection without the enormous cost of having manned guarding security to cover all vulnerable areas. Building security and construction site security have typically been the areas in need of this.

Using modern digital perimeter alarm security linked to security cameras, infrared detectors, perimeter beams and motion detection analytics we can detect someone the moment they attempt to enter your premises. This kind of intrusion prevention doesn’t only need to be on perimeter fencing, it can also be installed within buildings linked to doors and shutters. Any intrusion that may be detected is dealt with by our own 24 hour monitoring control room.

Metros remote monitoring system makes ‘patrolling’ the largest of location more effective than a human guard. The advantages are numerous. The guard cannot be attacked, and operators can check any location at random, in seconds. Using 2 way VOIP and PA systems our fully trained operators can challenge anyone on site at any time.

A rundown of the key benefits from our CCTV monitoring, remote guarding security and perimeter alarms are:

  • More areas seen at once, including large perimeter fencing
  • Alarms to notify of potential perimeter intrusions
  • No risk to people on site of assault
  • Instant intruder challenging
  • Rapid key holder response
  • Cheaper to patrol large areas
  • All types of modern technology can be used, laser detection beams, night vision cameras are just an example.
  • Automatic and manned Tannoy & PA system integration
  • Can be used internally and externally covering the smallest to the largest of sites
  • Full remote perimeter patrols

CCTV is by far one of the most cost effective ways of achieving this level of site perimeter security. Remote guarding and perimeter protection isn’t just for a corporate site many of Metros customers use this for extra protection on their shops and small offices.

All CCTV patrols are logged so that customers can be sure that patrols are being conducted efficiently. Huge savings can be made using this approach instead of conventional patrols.

Metro can also provide out of hours visitor management and critical plant monitoring giving you the reassurance that all areas are protected and watched even when you’re on holiday.

  • Perimeter Monitoring
  • Instant Perimeter Protection
  • Audio Challenging
  • Your Own Personal Response Plan
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Perimeter Beams