Around-the-clock Service

Full support before, during and after installation of any system

Many years ago we came away from using the traditional global call centre and built our very own 24 hour control room.

This helps us support you from the first phone call, reducing the need for you to wait for an engineer call back. Many problems can be resolved from the Technical desk without the need to send an engineer; this reduces cost and saves you even more valuable time.

We can also now offer other services such as Remote perimeter security, Out of hour’s remote visitor management and critical plant monitoring.

Here are some key benefits with Metro having our own 24 hour Control Room instead of a global call centre:

  • Technical help available 24 hours a day
  • No waiting for a call centre to pass messages “down the wire”
  • Support (ability to dial into Alarm or CCTV equipment for remote support)
  • Primary and Secondary lines of support
  • Remote site guarding
  • Metro engineer tracking for a better ETA in the unfortunate event an engineer is needed